Mail Distribution

Mail Distribution Services

Mail Processing and Distribution

Mail Processing and Distribution services include:

  • Mail delivery and pick up at BCMP customer locations;
  • Mail processing
  • Mail distribution via contracted carriers;
  • Customer direct access to courier and parcel shipping at government discounted rates;
  • An internal Mail Distribution Network which services cities and towns throughout the province;
  • Recommending mail related products to customers;
  • Monthly mail services reporting.

Additional Services available to Victoria customers include:

  • “City Net Service” offering guaranteed half day service for delivery of mail items between BC Mail Customers in the Greater Victoria area;

Services include: Delivery and pickup; mail processing and distribution to Canada Post standards; providing a province wide House Mail service; maintaining the government inventory of mailing equipment; assessing and recommending mail related products and services to government customers.

Specialty Products and Services

Include: Provision of urgent/time sensitive distribution methods; traceable products and services; registered mail; business reply services; alternatives to private sector couriers.

Mail Distribution

House Mail

House Mail is any mail generated by a BC Government office for delivery to another BC Government office.

BC Mail Plus consolidates mail from all BC Government offices and uses contracted couriers to provide substantial savings to government through volume discounts.

Our Victoria mail processing facility serves as the central processing hub for all House Mail.

Mail Processing and Distribution Services Locations

BC Mail Plus’ Mail Processing and Distribution locations are strategically located throughout the province.

Victoria Mail Operations

The main plant is located at 1150 McKenzie Ave, Victoria, where the following mail processing and distribution activities occur:

  • Incoming Mail - mail destined for Victoria
  • Outgoing Mail - mail destined to locations outside Victoria
  • Distribution - local pick-up and delivery in Victoria

Victoria Satellite Mail Operations

A Satellite Operation, located at 431 Menzies St, Victoria, serves as the downtown location and provides the following services:

Further information about BC Mail Plus’ Mail Processing and Distribution Services, Victoria Operations or Satellite Operations may be obtained by calling, or e-mailing:

Victoria Operations Reg King  

Regional Mail Operations

Operations are divided into regional areas. Mail processing and delivery services are provided throughout the province at the following listed cities and the offices of the local Government Agents.

  1. Vancouver & the Lower Mainland - BC Mail Plus office in Coquitlam.
  2. Vancouver Island, South Coast Region - BC Mail Plus office in Nanaimo.
  3. Northern Region - BC Mail Plus office in Prince George.
  4. Thompson, Okanagen & Kootenay Region - BC Mail Plus offices in Kamloops, Kelowna and Nelson.

Further information about BC Mail Plus’ Regional Operations may be obtained by calling:

Vancouver Operations Dave Henderson
Regional Operations Pat Kelly


Be sure to check out our Mail Processing and Distribution FAQ page.