The Queen's Printer Printing Plant offers customers a full range of cost effective options for production of publications. Several presses are available ranging from small duplicators for 1 and 2 colour jobs to 11" x 17", up to large 36" perfector presses capable of handling multi-page forms and long run products. Three docutech printers offer the convenience of electronic document storage with "On-Demand" publishing.

High speed photocopying equipment with on-line collating, stapling and binding functions is also available. Remember, the per copy meter charge for office-sized photocopiers is very high compared to higher volume machines. Our high-speed copiers represent a cost-effective option for customers who have large photocopying jobs.

Variable Data Printing (for cheques, mailers etc.) is provided by the BC Mail Data Services Centre. We can handle all of your variable data printing needs with "host-to-post" convenience.

Business Card, Letterhead & Memo


Online: Click Here to order via the Electronic Print Order site

By Mail: Fill out a Q.P. Printing Requisition and mail to:
Queen's Printer
P.O. Box 9452 Stn. Prov. Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9V7

By Fax: Fill out a Q.P. Printing Requisition and fax to 250 356-7380
(include legible sample - if photocopying sample card - enlarge sample on photocopier prior to faxing)

Do not send in duplicate orders: i.e. fax in Business Card order and also send same order (hardcopy) by mail.

Please include customer number on requisition.

Please do not send in orders by personal email.

Please do not include different products on the same requisition.
i.e. Letterhead, Memo and Business cards all on one req.
Use a separate requisition for each product.

Ensure spending authority has signed Q.P. printing requisition!

Rush order must be indicated as “RUSH” not A.S.A.P.