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QP Electronic Publishing is leading the way in electronic document technology, creating innovative and affordable web-based products and services for the public sector.

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XML Technology

Many of our products and services are based on XML technology. With XML you can change the way you do business across your enterprise. We can help your organization to:

  • Design custom research solutions that leverage the meaning within the content of your documents. The enhanced search capability of XML will allow you to unearth a wealth of vital information that is relevant to your organization, quickly and precisely;
  • Develop a common language for your documents so that information can be easily shared between different applications, different types of computers and mobile devices and different networks;
  • Create custom XML-based E-Libraries where you can access all your reference materials instantly, right from your work station, laptop or mobile device;
  • Design standardized document editing systems to create consistent, structurally sound, error-free documents that allow your team to concentrate less on repetitive style issues and more on content;
  • Streamline document conversions so that you can convert to multiple formats at the touch of a button;
  • Simplify web-based document management using our XML-based Doc2Go system. Doc2Go allows you to upload new materials and remove old materials with ease.

In addition, because XML is an open, portable, and extensible language, when you convert to an XML system, your data is better able to adapt to future software and hardware changes.

XML is a universal data format for integrated business solutions. It is an industry standard endorsed by the W3C and supported by all leading software providers.

For more information about how XML technology can help your organization, please contact our Electronic Publishing team.

Scanning Services

Attract new audiences to your library collections. Electronic Publishing can scan your books, periodicals, newspapers and photographs, and create a fully searchable PDF database on the web.  We take care of everything, from scanning to the final web product. We also provide web-hosting and maintenance service in a highly secure and stable environment.

For more information about our scanning service, please contact our Electronic Publishing team.